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DDR3   4GB PC 1600 CL9  CORSAIR XMS3 retail

DDR3 4GB PC 1600 CL9 CORSAIR XMS3 retail

SKU: 104545

High-performance DDR3 4GB PC 1600 CL9 CORSAIR XMS3 Retail memory module for faster computing

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DDR3 4GB PC 1600 CL9 CORSAIR XMS3 Retail

The DDR3 4GB PC 1600 CL9 CORSAIR XMS3 Retail is a high-performance computer memory module designed to enhance your computer's performance and speed. With a capacity of 4GB, it provides ample space for multitasking and running resource-intensive applications. The DDR3 technology ensures faster data transfer rates and improved power efficiency.

The PC 1600 CL9 specification ensures a clock speed of 1600MHz and a CAS latency of 9, which results in faster data access and reduced latency. This makes it ideal for gaming, video editing, and other demanding tasks that require high memory bandwidth.

The CORSAIR XMS3 Retail module comes in a retail packaging, making it easy to install in your computer. It is compatible with most DDR3-enabled motherboards and systems, ensuring seamless integration. The module features a heat spreader for efficient heat dissipation, preventing overheating and ensuring optimal performance even under heavy load.

Upgrade your computer's memory with the DDR3 4GB PC 1600 CL9 CORSAIR XMS3 Retail and experience faster performance and improved multitasking capabilities. Whether you're a gamer, a creative professional, or a power user, this memory module will take your computing experience to the next level.

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