High-End-Kamera M73

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Die High-End-Kamera M73 M73 – Die erste MOBOTIX Kamera mit 3 Modulen Die M73

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I/Os : see Connector Box LSA / Connector Box RJ45, p. 17

Feature: Properties

Housing : Aluminum, PBT-30GF

Interfaces : Ethernet 1000BaseT | miniUSB / USB2.0 High-Speed (Vout = 5,1V, Iout = 0,9A, Pout = 4,5W)

PoE standard : PoE Plus (802.3at-2009)/Class 4

Exposure control: Manual and automatic mode 1 s to 1/16,000 s

Light sensitivity: n Color sensor (day): 0,1 lx @ 1/60s; 0,005 lx @ 1s | BW sensor (night): 0,02 lx @ 1/60s; 0,001 lx @ 1s

Mounting Options : Wall- or pole-mountable (with Pole Mount accessory)

Relative Humidity: 95 % non-condensing

Microphone/Speaker: Functional audio module, max. 4.5 Watt (see Functional Modules, p. 16) | Microphone Sensitivity: -35 +/-4 dB (0 dB = 1 V/pa, 1 kHz) | Speaker: 0.9 W at 8 Ohm

IK protection class: IK10 (housing)

Standard accessories:

3 Transport plugs
1 blind module (must be installed when using only two sensor modules)
1 Mounting plate with wall sealing (pre-installed), two standard
plugs (pre-installed)
1 connector box (pre-installed)
1 Ethernet patch cable, 50 cm/19.7 in with sealing (RJ45 variant only)
1 SD card 8 GB (installed)
1 Important Safety Information
1 Sticker with EAN number of camera
1 Sticker with IP address of camera
1 Connector box RJ45 or LSA black with rubber plug black, rubber
plug single-wire white, USB plug blue (installed)
1 Protective cover for connector box polystyrene white (installed)
1 Rubber plug black (installed)
1 Rubber plug single-wire white (installed) 1 Rubber plug cable dia. 3.5 mm white (to replace C.5)
1 USB plug connector box blue (installed)
1 Module wrench (gray)
1 Lens wrench blue
3 housing plugs silicone white
3 Security clips plastic red
2 Cable tie black
1 Allen wrench 5 mm
1 Allen wrench 2.5 mm
1 TORX wrench TX20
1 TORX wrench TX10
1 Screw driver yellow
4 Washers dia. 6.4 mm plastic white
4 Wood screws 4.5 x 60 mm
4 Dowels S8
3 Oval head screws with shank 2.5x6.5 mm, stainless steel black
2 Covers for screw plastic white.

Tiltability of camera: Horizontal: 2 x 180 degrees Vertical: 110 degrees

Max. power consumption: max. 25 W

Infra-red illumination : Three functional modules for wide-angle, standard, and tele lenses

IP / NEMA protection class: IP66 / NEMA 4X

Electrical surge protection : integrated with Connector Box LSA (not part of the scope of delivery

Internal DVR, out of the box: MicroSD card (8 GB), MxPEG+ recording only

Min. cold start temperature : –30 °C/–22 °F

Operating temperature range : –40 to 65 °C/–40 to 149 °F

Weight without sensor modules: Approx. 2.5 kg/5.5 lb

Passive infra-red sensor (PIR) : Available with functional module, max. 4.5 Watt (see Functional Modules, p. 16)

Range of infra-red illumination: Up to 30 m/100 ft (may be more depending on scene)

Shock detector (tamper detection) : Yes

Dimensions (height x width x depth): 228 x 153 x 232 mm

Image sensor (color or B&W sensor) : up to 4K UHD 3840x2160, 16:9, 1/1,8”


Videotechnologie - rigoros kompakt und leistungsstark

Die M73 ist das Nonplusultra plus Flexibilität! Unsere MOBOTIX High-End-Kamera begeistert mit neuester, leistungsstarker Systemtechnologie und modularer MOBOTIX App-Unterstützung. Die M73 ist eine Kamera, die in Bezug auf Leistung, Funktionalität, Cybersicherheit und Edge Computing ihresgleichen sucht. Eine kompromisslos kompakte Kamera, die brillant sieht und sich sehen lassen kann – designed by Eskild Hansen.

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